BUCKEYE ROAD MUSIC is a compilation of original songs written, or co-written, by Guy Jaquier.  Other co-writers include Tom Luce, Patsy Phelan, Steve Mansfield, Clint Whitney and Stephen Covell.  Our music includes the contributions of many great singers including Tom Luce, Whitney Nichole, Jackson Rohm, Carly Jaquier, Stephen Covell and Kim Lembo.  Musicians include “The Dudes”: James Deprato (anything with strings), Kevin White (bass) and Vincente Rodriguez (drums).  And, of course, heartfelt thanks to Adam Rossi who played, sang, mixed, produced and did about everything needed to make this music possible.  If you are thinking about recording music, you should hire Adam and AR-Audio.

In listening to our work you may notice a variety of genres including Country, Rock, Blues, Latin Jazz, “Ska Grass”, “Groove Grass”, Progressive Rock and anything else we could dream up.  This may be due to a severe lack of focus on our part, but I like to consider it a playful exploration of the art.  A blind pig never knows where he may find an acorn!

This music was created for fun and expression.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you are moved to purchase it (like actually pay some real money for it) please know that 50% of all royalties will be donated to charities such as Notes4Hope and Operation Encore.

Contact Info:  guy@ninetydegree.net


It Was A Cougar Attack // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  1. It Was A Cougar Attack // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  2. Run Across That Bridge // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  3. They All Said She Shot Him Dead // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  4. Pluto Ain’t A Planet Anymore // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  5. Mama Bust Out Your Rosary Beads // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  6. We Guards Stood Our Watch // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  7. Six Feet of Clay // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  8. Mile Marker Nine // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  9. Here Comes The Sun // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  10. Winter of My Soul // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  11. Something Must Be Wrong // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock
  12. I Won’t Go Quietly // Buckeye Road: Ewe Rock